"[This book] embodies the Buddhist wisdom about change, life, and the
world more than anything written after the events of that day."
Robert Stone

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August 2, 2007


On August 21, the paperback version of Watching the World Change, from Picador USA, will be available online and at discerning bookstores everywhere.



For those who have resisted purchasing the hardcover because of the pricetag, now is your opportunity to obtain a light, portable copy, with a sleek new cover, designed by Henry Sene Yee, which has a bold, noir, mid-50s feel, reminiscent of film posters by Saul Bass. The graphic echo of the twin towers is evident on the spine, the title page, and even in the juxtaposition of the title and subtitle on the cover.

The jacket includes a blurb from a review that I had previously overlooked, from the New Orleans Times Picayune: "An elegant and moving examination of the photographic legacy of that day in history. . . . Brings meaning to a terrible time."

In the "More Praise" section are other snippets that I'd never mentioned herein:

"Turns a familiar story around and helps us understand why we saw event as we did." -- The Wall Street Journal

"Captivating...gripping...Friend makes a strong argument that the images tell the real story." -- Booklist

"Carefully mixes the stories behind the images in the book--both famous and obscure--with perceptive commentary on their power." -- The Christian Science Monitor

"A meticulously written, carefully considered text...Richly deserves the sizable audience that Oliver Stone's World Trade Center attracted." -- Richmond Times-Dispatch (Never mind that Stone's 2006 film was generally regarded as a box-office disappointment.)

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