"[This book] embodies the Buddhist wisdom about change, life, and the
world more than anything written after the events of that day."
Robert Stone

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June 30, 2012


Photographer Rikki Reich recently revealed one of the most apocalyptic sets of images of the September 11 attacks -- photographs that had not been previously published. The Monroe Gallery is representing her devastating series of black-and-white pictures, taken from New Jersey, on the morning of 9/11.

Some of the images appear here on the Franco-American online newsletter La Lettre de la Photographie. Note the last, almost unbearable frame.

June 4, 2012

9/11 Museum in the Making

Yesterday's New York Times offered a compelling and thorough front-page story on the machinations behind the planning of the September 11 Memorial Museum, set to open in a year or so.