"[This book] embodies the Buddhist wisdom about change, life, and the
world more than anything written after the events of that day."
Robert Stone

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September 18, 2011


Promotion for the book has taken me from the studios of ABC to a talk at the New York Public Library to comments on the Web pages of VanityFair.com and Time.com.

Some highlights have been appearances on Charlie Rose, NPR/PRI’s “The World,” and Tom Franklin's online video to accompany a piece in the Bergen Record.

ALSO...I was impressed with the Amherst College website's coverage of how we discuss 9/11 with today's students; I was especially taken with Professor Barry O'Connell's remarks: “One might feel it’s shocking that something like 9/11 could fade in people’s consciousness. And I’m intrigued by that. The fading--part of that is a very intelligent human way of surviving. Because living with pain endlessly is truly unbearable and keeps you in the present moment insistently. [But] if you forget completely, you’re at risk of wandering the world not just naively but helplessly. This is a real problem: How much and what should we struggle to remember of a historical event? And what is the cost of letting it go, in what measure?"

September 11, 2011


We honor, remember, and pray for those who left us ten years ago today.